Mesoamerican Chocolate Elixirs

Our Mesoamerican elixirs are representative of the original culinary uses of chocolate. Over a thousand years ago, the pre-Colombian cultures (the Olmecs, Toltecs, and later the Mayans & Aztecs) discovered that by grinding together cacao beans with spices, chilis, and herbs they could create a paste or wafer that, when dissolved in water, created a potent and powerful drink. For this reason, chocolate was typically consumed as a drink, rather than eaten. Over time, the chocolate elixir came to be seen as a sacred and powerful beverage, and was taken only by the elite.

Kakawa’s Mesoamerican chocolate drinks are based upon archeological research as well as the written accounts of Spanish conquistadors and colonists. Generally, they are only lightly sweetened, and most of them include spicy chili and a dense mixture of spices and herbs. We also offer two unsweetened options. The pure cacao Zapoteca and the complex and intense Aztec Warrior. 

These drinks are intensely dark, powerful, and complex and are unlike any chocolate most people have ever encountered. Truly for the adventurous palate!

Each package makes six 3oz drinks. Cup not included.