Contemporary Chocolate Elixirs

Kakawa’s chocolatiers have created a wide variety of unique modern drinking elixirs inspired by contemporary cultures and experiences. Our smooth and sweet American and rich Canela (Mexican cinnamon) infused Modern Mexican elixirs were inspired by the way chocolate is approached in both of these countries. The Tonantzin elixir is a potent herbal aphrodisiac inspired by the Virgin of Guadalupe (Tonantzin is her Nahuatl or Aztec name). Our chocolate Chai elixir, utilizes a bold, Masala blend of spices we craft in house and popular Havana Rum is great straight or as a hot-toddy base. We are constantly experimenting and developing our elixirs- every time you visit you’ll find something new to explore and taste. 

Each package makes six 3oz drinks. Cup not included.