Historic European Chocolate Elixirs

Kakawa's European elixirs are historically based recipes. They are derived from historical documentation from the early 1600s through the early 1800s, and include a wide spectrum of flavors and intensity. Taken together, they describe the culinary back and forth that occurred after the Europeans arrived in the Americas.

One of the first things the explorers in Central America brought back to the courts to Europe was chocolate. This amazing and novel food quickly became fashionable among the elite, and the various powers adapted it to suit their tastes. Meanwhile, colonial Europeans brought their own changes to the way chocolate was consumed in the Americas.

We have created many elixirs from this period. Our more popular include a 17th Century Italian Citrus drinking chocolate, the Marie Antoinette - a more subtle elixir preferred by the French court, and the Jeffersonian, taken verbatim from Thomas Jefferson's list of preferred chocolate recipes.

In general, the European drinks are slightly sweeter and more floral than the Mesoamerican drinks. Some of them are still made with water, or can be updated with unsweetened almond milk and all of them are as delicious, unique, and addictive as they were centuries ago.

Each package makes six 3oz drinks. Cup not included.