Kakawa Chocolate House in the Press & Media

Forbes: A Weekend In Santa Fe

January 2, 2020

Your weekend in Santa Fe has to include a visit to one of Kakawa's multiple locations.

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HERE Magazine

September 15, 2019

How do you spend a weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico? It has to include a trip to Kakawa Chocolate House!

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Kakawa For Your Honeymoon!

May 20, 2019

Santa Fe and Kakawa Chocolate House was listed in this report about the best affordable vacation spots in the U.S.

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Boston Globe

January 26, 2019

Read the Boston Globe's "sweet" article about Kakawa's new opening in Salem, MA.

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Star Tribune

December 21, 2018

Kakawa Chocolate House was mentioned in this latest article about enjoying Santa Fe for the Holidays.

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Travel and Leisure

December 13, 2018

Kakawa Chocolate House is listed among the locations to find to find the world's best hot chocolate.

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Peabody Essex Museum

December 3, 2018

The Peabody Essex Museum and Kakawa Chocolate House are celebrating their new partnership and Kakawa's grand opening in Salem, MA.

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August 20, 2018

Kakawa Chocolate House made it onto another "Top" list in Santa Fe. Read what trekbible has to say about us.

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Boston Globe

September 18, 2018

Read about the upcoming opening of Kakawa Chocolate House's new location in Salem, MA.

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Santa Fe New Mexican

September 11, 2018

In our most recent article in the Santa Fe New Mexican, read about Kakawa Chocolate House's expansion within Santa Fe and beyond!

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Food Network, Restaurants

November 2017

Kakawa is now listed on Food Network's Restaurants guide, which features its "top places to eat" in Santa Fe.

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Sunset Magazine, "Perfect Day" in Santa Fe

August 2017

"You're probably still full from that monster of a breakfast burrito. So grab a sweet snack from Kakawa Chocolate House. Their drinking chocolate is flavored with cinnamon, roses, chai spices, and Mexican vanilla. Be sure to try the chocolate-dipped arbol chiles too."

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NM Magazine, Readers' Choice Dining Awards 2017

Kakawa Chocolate House has be listed among the Readers' Choice Dining Awards 2017under the Sweet Tooth Satisfaction Factories category. Yummmm!

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The Food Network, I Hart Food, Santa Fe Fiesta

August 15, 2017

Kakawa was just featured in the Food Network's premiere episode of I Hart Food.  Click the button, below, to watch a video of the entire episode.  Thanks, Hannah, for featuring our delicious truffles!

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WanderTours, A Q&A with Bonnie from Santa Fe’s Kakawa Chocolate House

"We do some chocolate tasting on our Santa Fe Culinary Tour and one of our favorite stops is the Kakawa Chocolate House, best-known for its chocolate elixirs. We thought it would be interesting to get a little bit of background about this delectable business from Bonnie Bennett, who co-owns it with her husband, Tony."

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"If you’re looking for the Cadillac of chocolate, Kakawa Chocolate House on Paseo de Peralta is a must-taste in Santa Fe. Kakawa creates artisanal chocolate and chocolate elixirs that have roots reaching down through history. The elixirs draw together chocolate-making influences from Mesoamerican, Mayan, Aztec and 1600s Europe, cultures. They accommodate a variety of tastes, from sweeter, creamy concoctions to spice that will knock you right out of your shoes."

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Our Elixirs are so delicious, they inspire music!

What Jew Wanna Eat, WJWE Travels: Santa Fe

February 27, 2017

"All that shopping worked up a sweet tooth, so we stopped at Kakawa Chocolate House for some drinking chocolate. My rose almond elixer (sounds healthy, right?) was just barely sweet, and based on what natives drank years ago, but perfectly rich and indulgent. "

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Food Fash, Santa Fe, NM

February 22, 2017

"Kakawa Chocolate House was a place that we couldn’t help but go to twice. During our first visit, we shared a salted caramel brownie and sampled almost ever single elixir before deciding on one to fill our cups. Our second time around, we ordered the equivalent of chocolate 'take-out'..."

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Vacation Idea, 21 Best Things to Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico

February 15, 2017

"Drawing inspiration from chocolate’s long history, Kakawa fuses original Mesoamerican and Colonial chocolate recipes with fresh, seasonal ingredients to recreate new and innovative delights, including one-of-a-kind truffles and dark chocolates, rich drinking chocolate elixirs, regional agave caramels, and melt-in-your-mouth homemade ice cream."

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Honest Cooking, Wander Through This Decadent Chocolate Trail for Valentine's Day

February 12, 2017

"At this specialty chocolate house, elixirs are one of their most famous and popular items—deep, rich drinking chocolates based on historic recipes from 1000 BC to the mid-1900s AD. Described as “time traveling” for the palette, chocoholics to the different individuals who aren’t chocolate addicts, simply swoon with awe at their sumptuous delights..."

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Scrubs, The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Nurses

February 10, 2017

"Kakawa Chocolate House is a specialty chocolate company located in Santa Fe that creates historic drinking chocolates elixirs from Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican, Mayan and Aztec, 1600’s European, Colonial American and Colonial Mexican traditions..."

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ABQ Free Press Weekly, On A Tank of Gas: The Chocolate Tour

February 8, 2017

"Everything is made in house. Their dedication to chocolate is unparalleled. Start off with an elixir. In its most basic form, it is chocolate with some herbs, lightly sweetened. This isn’t your typical cup of hot chocolate. Your palate is about to experience something entirely different. As the name implies, the elixirs are energizing..."

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The Travel Diet, Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway and Products

January 31, 2017

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Smithsonian, The New Art Scene Transforming Santa Fe

December 27, 2016

"This charming chocolate shop, tucked in a small adobe house on the edge of downtown, serves all kinds of confections, but is best known for its chocolate elixirs."

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Los Angeles Times, Some of the best displays of Christmas lights in the West

December 27, 2016

"Kakawa Chocolate House brews historic and authentic elixirs, guided by traditions from 1000 BC to the mid-1900s. Get a hot cuppa there or take home a bag of the Aztec Warrior Elixir."

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MetroFamily, Things To Do Year-Round In Santa Fe [Page 24]

December, 2016

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VitaminWorld, City of Light: A Holiday Getaway to Santa Fe

December 1, 2016

"Another must-visit is Kakawa Chocolates. This cozy, Old-World-style shop serves up different styles and varietals of hot and cold drinking chocolate 'elixirs' that have amazing restorative properties when you've overdone it on the sightseeing. Don't even think about leaving without purchasing a few confections - my pick are the red chili caramels dipped in dark chocolate)."

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Fodor's Travel, 15 Best Places to Drink Hot Chocolate in America

November 3, 2016

We're very proud to have made Fodor's list of "15 Best Places to Drink Hot Chocolate in America"

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NM True TV, Santa Fe Tasting Tour [Video]

June 19, 2016

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Travel Magazine, published for the Daily Mail Newspaper in the UK

May 19, 2016

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OnlyInYourState.com, This Tiny Shop In New Mexico Serves Drinking Chocolate To Die For

August 3, 2016

"If you told me that the nectar of the gods was served in one of Kakawa’s dinky blue and white teacups brimming with rich, liquid chocolate, I wouldn’t be disappointed."

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NewMexicoHomes.com, Kakawa Chocolate House: Bringing Chocolate Back to its Roots


New Mexico Homes, a resource for Santa Fe, NM Real Estate, recently featured us in an article.

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Mountain Living, High-Country Hot List

January - February, 2015

"The most memorable cup of hot chocolate we’ve ever tasted wasn’t served in a slopeside yurt or on a horse-drawn sleigh, but in a small adobe building in the heart of Santa Fe. The folks at KAKAWA CHOCOLATE HOUSE are serious about their chocolates, from their truffles and caramels to their famous elixirs..."

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The New York Times, 36 Hours in Santa Fe

November 26, 2014

"In summer, Santa Fe bursts at the seams with arts fairs, opera and other flashy events. In winter, though, the schedule is less hectic, and the few tourists spend their days skiing outside town. This is when residents effectively reclaim the center, the walkable area from the old plaza to the newer Railyard district..."

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The Washington Post, The excellent elixirs of Santa Fe’s Kakawa Chocolate House

January 30, 2014

"The small adobe chocolate emporium takes you on a piquant walk through space and time, serving chocolate drinks filled with varying degrees of cacao, herbs and spices (including the ever­-present ground chili). Many of those flavors are surprising to the modern American palate; hence the warning..."

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USA Today Travel, Guilty pleasure: Santa Fe's chocolate trail

January 16, 2014

"For the ultimate in divine beverages, Kakawa Chocolate House offers time-honored drinking chocolates, which can be sipped and savored in colorful ceramic cups in the kitschy café or purchased for making at home. Kakawa (Olmec for cacao) specializes in a historical selection of colonial, European and Mesoamerican Mayan Aztec drinking chocolates..."

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Los Angeles Times, Chocolate Nirvana in Santa Fe, NM

February 10, 2013

In February, guest travel writer for the Los Angeles Times, Kayleigh Kulp, featured Kakawa Chocolate House in her article entitled CHOCOLATE NIRVANA IN SANTA FE, N.M.. The article was featured on the LA Times online, as well as on the front page of the Los Angeles Times Travel section.

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Santa Fe New Mexican, Kakawa Chocolate House creates elixir to benefit animal shelter

December 18, 2012

The Santa Fe New Mexican just featured a great article on Tzul, Kakawa's elixir to benefit the SANTA FE ANIMAL SHELTER & HUMANE SOCIETY. Tzul, the Mayan word for dog, is made with passion fruit purée, tarragon, allspice, and 72% chocolate. For each cup sold, $0.50 goes to the Animal Shelter.

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Sunset.com Holiday Gift Ideas from the West

December 2, 2012

Sunset.com, the online publication of Sunset Magazine, has named Kakawa's Chocolate-Dipped Chiles D'Arbol their DECEMBER 2 GIFT GUIDE as part of their feature, Savor the Gifts of the West - 31 Great Gift Ideas for Holiday Presents Made with Love in the West, this December.

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Kakawa Named One of the Most Luxurious Places in the World to Drink Hot Chocolate by MSN Local

November 29, 2012

MSN Local Edition just released its list of the top 10 Most Luxurious Places in the World to Drink Hot Chocolate, and Kakawa Chocolate House was honored to be one of them! The story was also picked up by New Mexico Business Weekly on December 3.

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Kakawa Featured In Best of the Road Video!

July 10, 2012

Rand McNally and USA Today's BEST OF THE ROAD Rally just posted their first video footage of their Santa Fe visit last week. Kakawa Chocolate House was lucky enough to make the cut! Thanks for featuring our Green Chile Bacon Truffles!

See what happens when Best of the Road and Road Bros explore one of the Best Small Towns for Food in America: Santa Fe, New Mexico!

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