Truffle Sampler- Box of 12

  • $42.00

Our boxes include a delicious bouquet of our most popular truffles! The truffles we select are based on availability, but always include each of the following: Nut, Chili, Floral/Herbal, also includes both Dark Chocolate Truffles and Milk Chocolate Truffles. We also offer a chef's pick Dairy-Free box selection as a special order.  Please visit our shop, or call for specialty orders. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you select a perfect bouquet of flavors! 505-982-0388  *Shipping costs will vary with season.   *Truffles are highly perishable. We use absolutely no preservatives (not even corn syrup or invert sugar). Please consume promptly. Keep in a cool dry place, but do not refrigerate.