Mayan Full Spice Elixir

  • $14.99

Throughout Mesoamerica chocolate was mixed with water, usually unsweetened, and made into a highly spiced, rich and aromatic drink. To make a bittersweet drink the Mayans sometimes flavored it with agave syrup or honey. Historically an extensive amount of various spices were mixed with the chocolate in many different combinations. Mayan Full Spice Elixir is representative of such a drink. These deep complex flavors blossom on the palate, excite the taste buds, and linger with a spicy chili finish. Unsweetened 100% Chocolate, Coconut Sugar, Herbs, Flowers, Nuts, Spices, Chihuacle Negro Chili and Mexican Vanilla.

Each package makes six (6)- 3oz servings     GF, DF, V