Power Trio Elixir Set

  • $44.00

Become a chocolatier mix master! These three signature elixirs are perfect for mixing and blending. Each is perfect individually but delicious combined in new custom combinations! Mix Chili with Modern Mexican for a warm, deeply spicy version featuring Chili and Canela (Mexican cinnamon). Blend the Kakawa's American with the Chili to soften the bold Chili and create our in-house "Tony's special"! This power trio are also great options to add to other dishes; Modern Mexican over your oatmeal? Chili to spice up your morning coffee? Perfect. Set includes one bag of Kakawa's American, one bag of Chili and one bag of Modern Mexican. Additional detailed ingredients and descriptions can be found under the individual elixirs.

Each package makes six (6), 3 oz. servings.     GF, DF, V

Cup and Saucer not included