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WelcomeWelcome to Kakawa Chocolate House

We are a specialty chocolate company located in the beautiful high desert town
of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our passion is authentic and historic drinking
chocolates. Historic drinking chocolates include traditional
Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican Mayan Aztec drinking chocolates;
1600's European drinking chocolates, Colonial American and
Colonial Mexican drinking chocolates. Kakawa Chocolate House
drinking chocolates are representative of these historic recipes
and span the time period 1000 BC to the mid-1900s AD.
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Kakawa is an artisanal chocolate shop located in the heart
of Santa Fe, NM. Founded in 2005, Kakawa supports local
organic farming, promotes the history and anthropology of chocolate,
and, most importantly, produces a huge variety of delicious chocolate
creations of the highest quality. Since its founding, Kakawa has earned a
reputation as one of the most exciting and original chocolate shops in the world.

Our Chocolatiers

Kakawa's chocolatiers are dedicated to sharing their passion for chocolate. They balance the traditional with the cutting edge, creating unique and exquisitely bold creations from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Their one-of-a-kind creations include truffles, chocolate elixirs, agave caramels, solid dark chocolates, alternative baked goods, and delicious homemade ice cream. Working exclusively in small batches, our staff ensures that each piece of chocolate looks as exquisite as it tastes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to re-introduce you to chocolate. We draw on the chocolates long history, re-creating original MesoAmerican and Colonial chocolate recipes, and using them to inspire our new and exciting creations. We have a startling variety of contemporary flavors (including sugar and dairy-free confections), such as Pomegranate, Chile, Hibiscus flower, and Mescal. Kakawa also offers classic European-style truffles such as Rose Orange, Earl Grey, Espresso, and Macha.


Our delightful staff are as passionate about the history and anthropology of chocolate as the chocolatiers themselves, delivering a rich experience to everyone who comes through our doors.
In everything we do, we support sustainability, fair trade, local farming, and culinary daring.

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